Software and Services for Flight Schools and Pilots

Datahawk Software offers specialised applications and internet aviation services to New Zealand based Flight Schools, Aero Clubs and light aviation organisations. We also supply navigation software to pilots for checking flight planning data. Our varied services include aviation accounting systems, aircraft maintenance tracking, flight booking sheets, automated calculation of Airways fees and pilot training information tracking.

Datahawk Flight Plan - Our latest stand alone flight plan checking application that is available for personal use.

Datahawk Copilot System - (Not Available) - This application and associated packages is now more than 30 years old and is no longer available for new installations. Exisiting users are still fully supported for as long as they wish to use this software. Our company has decided not to offer cloud based services to replace this package. The following links remain available for existing user support.

Datahawk Software Copilot System Screenshot
Manuals and Help Files - New links to help and operational documents.

Please Contact us for more information or details on any specific options or services that we offer.

Our software and related services are designed to make your flight operations easier to manage on a daily basis.