Flight Codes File

Select Flight Codes from the File Menu to add or edit flight description codes.

This file sets up the training flight description codes for your operation along with any other commercial, IFR, Rating or flight exercise. These codes are required on every flight invoiced to describe the excerise and to record historical 'log book' listings for students, pilots and instructors.

If you have a new system installed, the flight code numbering will start at 5 for Introductory flight, then jump to 10 for effect of controls. This five digit code spacing allows for future insertion of new exercises without effecting existing historical codes which should never be deleted once used on flight transactions.

Caution - Avoid changing any existing Flight Codes because they are stored on all historical flight transactions. These codes are used on the Flight Code Input sections of the Flight Invoice screen.

The 'Report' button will list available Flight Code reports here. These and other reports can also be accessed from the Reports Menu