Invoice Item Codes

Select Item Code File from the File Menu to add, edit or delete non-flight items...

This file stores all your non-flight invoice items that are used on the Item Invoicing screen. Items are coded to Sales Groups which direct the income to General Ledger accounts for monthly financial reporting. For example, you may sell several different books, charts or training manuals to your students.

Item prices are all GST inclusive. Set the Tax Code to 1 if the price normally includes GST. Set the tax code to 2 for exempt GST items.

You would normally set up individual 'Item Codes' for each product but it would be logical to 'group' all these similar items into a single subtotal such as the example above where Pilot Logbook sales are posted to a 'Sales Group' code 55. Note that Sales Group 55 is set up to post to Ledger Code 6070, which in this case is a General Ledger account for Publication Sales.

The 'Report' button will list available Item Code related reports here. These and other reports can also be accessed from the Reports Menu