Navigation File

Select Navigation File from the File Menu to access this screen...

The Navigation File is used by the flight planning system and our built in automatic airways and landing fee invoicing systems. This file is updated by Datahawk Software Limited for you in a effort to keep landing fees and airways charges information correct. The airways fee matrix is usually changed annually by Airways Corp and we will issue an update to the fees on the 1st day of July each year and when special fee additions have been made.

We have built a system that duplicates the NZ Airways Corp, Airways Fee billing system and our software can calculate the actual airways fees that will be billed to the aircraft operator while flight information is being invoiced to pilots or students. This means that there is less risk that airways charges may not be oncharged to pilots and reduces the overall accounting work load. You will see all the airways fee calculation factors displayed in the navigation file.

You do not normally have to change any items in this file due to our automatic updates. However, please advise us if you notice any changes to landing fees for other aerodromes, or your own aerodrome, because we are not always advised of fee changes by operators. Simply use the Contact Datahawk option and tell us to update any incorrect landing fees.