Tutors File

Select Tutors File from the File Menu to add, edit or delete ground tutor personnel.

This is an optional system to handle Ground Tutor staff in situations where your organisation wishes to charge out briefing and tutoring time as separate chargable items instead of including those costs in the aircraft dual flying rates.

These functions also permit tracking of part time staff tutoring hours so that you can pay them at negotiated contract rates. Before loading Tutor details you will need to ensure that relevant Item Codes have been created for the various tutor charges. The relevant Item Codes are loaded into each tutors file along with the hourly rate you wish to pay them. Subsequent reporting functions can produce buyer created invoices or payment due lists for your staff tutors.

In the example above, individual Item Codes have been set up for Ground Tutoring, C-Cat Tutoring, Flight Instruction and Office Duty. Those codes are input in the Tutors File along with their 'Tutor Pay Rate'. The dollar values shown in brackets on this screen are the retail charge out prices for these services.

The 'Report' button will list the available Tutor File related related reports here. These and other reports can also be accessed from the Reports Menu

Some of the advanced reports will allow you to produce 'Buyer Created Invoices' for both GST and Non-GST registered persons if required.