Datahawk SAR Watch System

Select SAR Watch from the Flightops Menu to access the SAR Watch control screen from a workstation.

This is an optional service that Datahawk can supply to allow your organisation to track your own fleet aircraft cross country flight plans on your own computer network and to warn staff if an aircraft flight plan is overdue. It is similar to filing an internet flight plan, but the plan is filed on your own network using the Copilot SAR Watch software, which then displays the active flights on a workstation screen (which is dedicated to running the SAR Watch software) and which will set off an audible and visual alarm if a flight plan exceeds its SAR Time. Basically, your organisation can control your own SAR watch and flight plan monitoring electronically.

As a backup service, to assist if your network fails or if someone shuts down the SAR Watch workstation with active flight plans, Datahawk web servers will alert our staff with text messages if a flight plan is overdue. The web server will send us the aircraft registration, pilot in command name, cellphone number and date and times of the alert. We will notify your staff or instructors if an overdue alarm has activated and we can call the pilot directly to find out if they are OK if there is no action taken to attend to the alert warnings. If your staff or instructors take action to cancel the SAR watch alarm on your network, Datahawk staff will also be notified by our servers that this has happened so we will not follow up on the overdue flight plan.

A sample flight plan input follows...

Here is an example of an active flight plan. If this plan is not terminated by the pilot on their return (or by contacting your staff when they reach their destination) the alarm will activate. The flight will highlight in red, the audible alarm will sound (the PC needs to have speakers connected) until someone clicks the 'Stop Alarm' button. Plans are modified or terminated by clicking the 'Update or Terminate' button.