Text Messaging Services

Datahawk offers an optional computer based text service to enable integrated text messaging within our Datahawk applications. Our company provides and manages all the hardware, cellular modems and internet server software functions to allow your operation to send and receive text messages to or from anyone with a cellular phone. In very simple terms, you can think of it as a cellphone built into our software that can be used by all (or a selection of) staff members on any workstation and you can have multiple users sending text messages at the same time if required.

In most cases, you will be using our bulk messaging texting service where your messages will be delivered to your staff or students with a random allocated text sender number so you need to remember to identify who you are in each outbound text message. e.g. 'From Zulu Kilo Flight School, your logbook was found in the briefing room and can be collected from the front desk.'

The following examples do not show identification info but you should try to include it in your texting. The texting system is '2-way' and recipients are able to reply directly to your texts.

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It is a quick and simple way to get messages to your students without the expense of calling their cell phones. Unlike many other PC based text services, our system will receive messages sent to 'your' allocated cell number and they will automatically appear in your software message list as they are received.

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The system allows you to set up text messaging groups (use the 'Group' button) to quickly email messages to groups of pilots or staff members.

The main advantage of this module is that it can reduce your phone bills by eliminating the need to call staff or students on their cellphones and you have a full history of all text messages sent to or received from people you communicate with.

If you elect to use the Datahawk Aircraft and Instructor Booking Sheet option, the text messaging service is used to send booking confirmation messages to instructors or students to improve booking efficiency. Here is an image of the booking edit screen showing the automatically created booking confirmation messages ready to be sent....

Datahawk has a flat fee based monthly package for this service and we will issue and manage a NZ Vodafone cellular number for use by your organisation. Although this is a normal text messaging service, there is a message delivery difference that relies on your networked computers having access to the internet and being able to communicate with our company message servers to collect and send messages. If your computers or network are shut down, or if your internet connection is off line for any reason, you will be unable to send or receive messages until those problems have been rectified.