Accounting Functions (Quick Start)

This document will step you through the most common daily accounting steps when using this software. The application is a tightly integrated Flight School system and many of the included Flight Operations modules work directly or indirectly with the accounting functions.

This Monthly Accounting Sequence overview explains how the accounting modules operate on a monthly basis.

The Accounting Sequence and Reporting page explains how the accounting values are accumulated.

The individual Debtors, Creditors and General Ledger modules are explained below.

Debtors, Flying Accounts, Sales (Accounts Receivable Functions)

After start up and login you will be presented with the System Status form. This will allow you to edit your login details, install any new updates for the software, display or edit any reminder messages, show you any automatic schedules ready for invoicing and show the last time a data backup was done. If there are any new Software Updates ready for download from Datahawk, you will be presented with the option to download them now.

The Debtors Monthly Processing Sequence page explains how this module should normally operate.

This covers the basic Debtors and Income transactions and procedures.

Creditors, Expenses, Costs (Accounts Payable Functions)

This software has a complete accounts payable system with additional built in functions for Aircraft Cost tracking. The creditors system can also automatically load electronic invoices from Shell Oil NZ (if you use that fuel supplier) directly into the invoice entry screen without having to manually punch each fuel total for each aircraft in your fleet. (This works by requesting Shell NZ to email you a data file each month that contains all fuel purchases. Each invoice line in the data file is coded to the relevant aircraft registration. Datahawk Copilot, can decode this invoice and input all the fuel amounts and costs for you. You are still able to manually check and adjust the lines before saving the transactions.)

The Creditors Monthly Processing Sequence page explains how this module should normally operate.

This covers the basic daily Creditor and Expenses processing.

General Ledger System

This software has a complete General Ledger that can be set up however you wish to display your monthly and year to date Trading, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet accounts. The ledger may be set up to suit your specific needs and part of our service to you is to assist you in configuring and maintaining your chart of accounts.

The General Ledger Monthly Processing Sequence page explains how this module should normally operate.

This covers the basic General Ledger operation.


As you can see, the transaction input screens are simple and easy to use. We try to automate as much of the input as possible to reduce processing time. This quick start only covers the financial accounting functions but you will see the Copilot application extensively integrates your flight operations system into the accounting system for superb reporting, cross reference and centralised processing of your organisations information.

You can view a list of available Reports to show you an overview of the many other functions available in the software that we can provide.

GST Summary and Return information is detailed on the GST Reporting and Verification page.