Debtors Monthly Processing Sequence

The Debtors (also known as the Flying Accounts) system simply operates on a normal calendar month basis. From the 1st day until the last day of the calendar month you should be entering flights, invoices and receipts on a daily basis.

Because the flight invoicing system is integrated with the aircraft maintenance systems, you should ensure that flights are input as soon as possible to ensure that the flight hours for the aircraft are always up to date. If this is not done promptly, it is possible for an aircraft to overrun its maintenance times.

Any group invoicing or subscription Schedules will remind you during your normal logins that these need to be run some time during the month. Most of them can be run any time from when they are due up to the last day of the month. We usually advise clients to set monthly schedules to be run near the 20th of each month so that they are not overlooked during busy end of month processing tasks. There is nothing more frustrating than closing off the accounting period then realising that the bulk invoicing has not been included on the accounts for that period.

Most users will finalise their invoicing, receipting and complete their bank reconciliation on the 1st or 2nd day of the new month. You can use the Debtors End of Month Check List form to assist you with this procedure.

When the monthly invoicing, receipting, schedules and bank reconciliation have been completed you will run the Debtors Monthly Update program to close off the month.

After the update is completed, the debtors active processing month will advance to the current calendar month and normal income processing can resume.

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