Copilot System Overview

The Datahawk Copilot (Not Available - System Retired) software package is a comprehensive accounting and flight operations application designed specifically for New Zealand based flight training or aero club operators. It contains all the normal accounting functions you would expect to operate any commercial business i.e. Debtors, Creditors, Bank Accounts and General Ledger functions along with many flight operations features that are integrated to work directly or indirectly with the accounting files.

When operating a Flight School, Aero Club or other Commercial Aviation organisation, you are probably already aware that the debtors and invoicing systems need to be custom built to handle the unique billing and reporting requirements required when operating aircraft for hire or reward. Our Copilot system has been designed and written to assist you with these aviation related tasks. This software consolidates and integrates most computerised tasks that an aircraft operator needs to use to track aircraft, pilots, defects and maintenance information.

The Features menu at the top of this page will display many of the options available for use. Each Copilot installation is assembled with those features that your organisation wishes to use and your monthly subscription for the software and services will be negotiated depending on your requirements.

The following screen shots will give you some idea of how the software looks and operates. The Copilot interface is a 'normal' windows type software layout with the usual drop down menus and it has a very clean, clutter free desktop area where the various input forms, reports and dialogues will be displayed. Our software design preference is to avoid using graphical icons for command buttons or menu options. You will see that most menus and command buttons simply have English text to identify what they do. We also have a standard layout of buttons on most forms e.g. Cancel, New, Save, Delete, Report and Close are common on most editing windows.

This website also contains the operating manual pages for the bulk of the accounting and flight operations functions. You may view detailed information on the software functions by clicking the links available on the Menu Functions page if you wish to know what the operational input screens look like and how they operate.

Login and System Status

After initial log in, the system has various monitoring and reminder options. The login system allows your managers to control menu options for each individual login. The 'system controller' can enable or disable displayed menu items for each individual user to restrict access to sensitive or confidential areas of the software.

After login the status screen will display any messages waiting or tasks that are due...

Copilot Master Files

The primary Account File information is straight forward and covers most requirements. You may insert Indentity Photos for pilots, account holders and aircraft if desired.

The Aircraft File stores all related information for billing, costings and Aircraft Maintenance tracking...

The Flight Code file stores numbered flight descriptions for all flight types and is used on each flight invoice input. In the long term, this information is valuable for tracking a students progress through his/her flight training as every charged flight has a description code...

The Item File stores all non-flight related billing items...

Navigation File - used by the flight planning system and automatic airways and landing fee invoicing systems. This file is updated regularly by Datahawk Software Limited for you in a effort to keep landing fees and airways charges information correct.

There are several other master files for configuration and system operations including Account Classes, Maintenance Codes, Directives, Nationalities, Staff Pilots, Sales and Tax Codes

You can read detailed information on any of the software functions by clicking the links available on the Menu Functions page if you wish.