General Ledger Journal Batches

Select 'General Ledger' from the Transactions Menu to create or post values into the General Ledger system.

The Datahawk GL uses a Journal Batching system which allows you to input multiple debit and credit lines to various ledger accounts. At the end of each month, after the Debtors and Creditors processing is closed off and updated, the income and expense figures are loaded automatically into journal batches ready for posting. You can open and edit the batches if required to make any special adjustments or you can create separate journals for any other items that may be required such as the following example...

To create a new GL Batch, just click the New button, input an unused number between 1 and 9999, a Name/Description for this journal, a 'Source' and date.

Valid 'Sources' are GL (A manual 'one-off' journal posting into the ledger), AR (Accounts Receivable batch), AP (Accounts Payable batch) or SJ (Standing Journal batch for repeat monthly postings). 'GL', 'AP' and 'AR' batches are considered 'one-off' journals, therefore the software will delete these sources automatically after they are posted to the ledger. 'SJ' batches will be retained after they have been posted so that they can be edited and reused again when required.

Note - You can use 'SJ' batches if you are unsure about the result of a particular journal adjustment that you want to make to the ledger. If your posting result is wrong, you can simply edit the SJ batch to fix or reverse the journal and post it again, or, if the posting is as expected, then you can manually delete the SJ when finished.

Productivity Tip - The GL chart of accounts can be displayed while entering lines into the batch. You can either press the 'F1' key while the cursor is in the code column to list the chart starting from the top, OR , input less than 4 digits into the 'Code' column. The software will search for the first GL account that matches those digits entered and will list available accounts from that point onwards. e.g. To list the balance sheet area of the chart beginning at account 9000 onwards, just input '9' or '90' into the Code column and press the enter key.

You may add journal lines as required and save the batch. Any existing batch can be recalled and edited at any time before it is posted. When ready to submit the journal, reload the batch and click the Post Button.

You can find more ledger processing information on the General Ledger Monthly Sequence page.

Here is a sample Trading, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet Report to show you a basic account layout.