How To Move Copilot To A New File Server

This is the procedure that is necessary to transfer an entire existing Datahawk Copilot System from an existing file server onto a new file server. You cannot simply copy all files from one server to another. The Copilot application needs a new install on the new server followed by selective transfer of some data folders into the new system.

You will need to contact Datahawk at least 24 hours before your intended transfer so that we can assemble a new file server installation file customised to your existing settings. You will then download and install this file when you are ready to move to your new server.

1. ALL workstations must exit Datahawk Copilot and not restart until the server transfer has been completed and tested. You must ensure that no other staff members attempt to start and log into Copilot during this procedure.

2. Have one workstation run a Full Backup as follows: Start Copilot, select 'Backup To Offsite Storage' from the Update menu. Ensure that you tick the option 'Include History Data In Backup' then click backup button. Wait until it has finished then quit.

3. IMPORTANT - Now DELETE or RENAME the 'Copilot.exe' file in the OLD file server Copilot folder to ensure that no users can restart using the old program while transferring the system because doing this will severely corrupt the data.

4. Make a note of your existing mapped drive letter for the existing Copilot server installation and try to duplicate the exact same drive paths on the new server to avoid transfer problems.

5. Configure your new server shared data drive letter to be the same as the previous server if possible (this ensures that you will not have to change the existing settings or workstation icons).

6. Download and install the new blank copy of the Datahawk Copilot application onto your new file server which you will have arranged with us 24 hours previously. This will be a completely blank system with empty data files.

7. Copy ONLY the following folders from the old file server to the new server. This will replace the blank files in the new copy with all your existing data and history from the old server. Once again, ensure only the following folders are copied from the old server...

\Store (including all sub directories)

8. Start the Datahawk Copilot system on the new file server by accessing the \Copilot folder and clicking on Copilot.exe (you can drag a shortcut of this to the desk top of the new server if desired)

9. Log into Copilot as normal and then perform the following options that are accessed from the Tools menu...

Tools -> File Check -> Click Full Check (confirm no errors)
Tools -> Verify Balances (All should read 'OK')

10. ALL Workstations now need to have their shared data drive mapping changed to point to the new file server.

The transfer should now be completed.

If you wish for Datahawk staff to verify the transferred system, please set up a remote control login to allow us to access a workstation and we can verify the installation is correct.