Room File

Select Room File from the File Menu to add, edit or delete Briefing, Lecture or Classroom codes that can be used to make bookings on the Flight Booking Sheets system.

The 'Room File' supplies functions to manage unique codes for training rooms within your Flight School or Club building that can be used to add Dual or Solo bookings to the Booking Sheet just like Aircraft bookings.

This allows you to book instructors with individual students or an entire class into various rooms that will display in a separate section of the Booking Sheet below the Aircraft bookings. Rooms may also be booked 'Solo' to reserve them for any particular event or meeting.

Note 1 - Room codes must three characters in length and must not match any possible 'Aircraft Registrations' because they must exist in the booking system with Aircraft slots. The best method is to use two letters and a digit as per the example above to identify rooms.

Note 2 - Room codes must remain active, and cannot be deleted, for at least a year if you begin using them on the booking sheets because sheets are retained for at least 12 months. Therefore, you should choose and create your codes carefully before you start using them.