Datahawk Speak Installation Instructions

After clicking the download link for Datahawk Speak , your browser may ask where you wish to Save the file. You may save it anywhere you desire. Many people have a Downloads folder to store installation files such as these. If you are unsure, simply save the file to your Desktop. (The downloaded install file is only temporary and may be deleted after it has been run.)

After the download file has been saved, simply locate it (it is named 'hawkspeak_install.exe') and double click it. Depending on your windows version, you may be asked to confirm that you wish to run the downloaded file. Confirm if you wish to continue. The Datahawk installation screen will then appear.

This application is Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 aware which means it is designed to be installed in your Program Files folder without any problems. You may however install it anywhere you wish on your local drive.

Simply follow the prompts to complete the installation.

The install program will place an icon on your desktop. Double click the 'Datahawk Speak' icon to start the program.

Note: After installation has completed, you may delete the file named 'hawkspeak_install.exe' from your download folder or desktop. It is no longer required. If you need to reinstall the program, simply download the latest version again from the Datahawk Speak web page.