Copilot Application Reinstall Procedure

This is the emergency procedure to rebuild a Copilot Flight School system if you have lost both your program and data files due to total server loss or hardware failure which has destroyed all your files...

1 - Contact Datahawk Software for assistance before proceeding and we will prepare a new installation file for you and advise you of the download link for your replacement program installation files.

2 - Set up your server mapped drives again if necessary then install the replacement copy of the Copilot Server application onto your repaired or replaced file server.

3 - Refer to the Data Restore Procedure for detailed information on where to find your backup files and locate your most recent 'full backup copy', which will be your most recent 'Automatic - Debtors Roll Over' or 'Automatic - Creditors Roll Over' file.

4 - Check that the Copilot\Data folder is empty. If you find blank data files in it then delete all of these now (Datahawk program installations may include blank data files in the \Data folder). Copy either the most recent full backup encrypted .dat file or .zip backup file into the newly installed Copilot system (empty) \Data folder.

5 - Start the Copilot application and it will detect the sole backup file and reinstall all files including required history data as of the chosen 'full backup' date and time. Follow the prompts.

6 - After restarting Copilot, go to the 'Update' menu and run the required 'End Of Month Update' to complete the full backup file restore (including history data). Refer to step 3 for detailed information on why this important step is required.

7 - After the 'End of Month Update' has been run, quit Copilot and locate your most recent copy of your 'Daily' backup file and copy it into the \Store folder.

8 - Restart Copilot and go to the Tools menu and choose Backups. Click on the 'Backup ID' field heading to list and select the most recent 'Datahawk Backup (No History)' file and then click the 'Restore' button. Follow the prompts to restore the most recent daily backup over the top of the full backup and this will bring your Copilot system data status back to the actual date and time of the file you chose.

Recovery action should now be complete however, staff members will need to re-enter any transactions made since the date and time of the most recent backup that you restored.